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This tutorial covers how to manually Export and Import a CSV file to your WisePricer account. 

It can also be used to update fields that are missing from your store system (such as Minimum Price on Amazon) - Here, the process will be Export > Update > Import. 


Here's the video version of this tutorial: 


This tutorial is divided into three steps: 

1. How to Export,  

2. How to Update,  

3.How to Import. 

Each one of these stages can be done individually.

Step 1 - How to Export to a CSV file:

  1. Go to your WiseBoard and Click on the "Actions" button
  2. Select "Apply on All Items" and then click on "Export as file"

Step 2 - How to Update your CSV file using Excel:

  1. Open the exported file in Excel, and update the necessary fields
  2. If you'd like to update your Minimum Price, you can find it in Column "J"

Step 3 - How to import your updated CSV file:

  1. Go to your WiseBoard and Click on the "Actions" button
  2. Click on "Import From file"

3. Click "Browse" > Select the new / updated file you would like to upload > Click "Upload"

4. A mapping screen will open. Make sure to map all the mandatory fields: 

The Mandatory fields are: Name, SKU, Price, Minimum Price,  and one of the following combinations (UPC, or Brand+MPN, or Brand+Model).

5. Click "Continue" and wait while the system updates your catalog. You should see the following screen when done: 

6. Click "Finish".

*Note: 'Flagged' products are ones that are missing a product identifier field (such as Brand, Model, MPN, or UPC).

That's it!  The new / updated products will appear in your WiseBoard.

Feel free to reach out to our support team at any time, with any questions.

WisePricer not only lets you export your current WiseBoard catalog into a CSV format, but also allows you to select the competitors you want to see on your CSV file upon export. The CSV file will be exported with the name of the competitor, price, and shipping cost per product of only the competitors you select.

For help in exporting just your current catalog with no additional competitor information, please see our How to Export a File tutorial. For help in exporting your catalog with the top competitors only, please take a look at our Exporting by Top Competitors tutorial.

Export as File (Selected Competitors)

  • To export your catalog into a CSV with only your selected competitors selected, first navigate to the WiseBoard, locate the “Actions” button and click it. This should bring up a drop-down menu.
  • Be sure to select which of your products you wish to export into a CSV file.
  1. You can select "Apply on Selected Items", which will only export those items you have selected by ticking the check-box on the left.
  2. You can select "Apply on Filtered Items" which will only export those items that are currently filtered by the filter you have selected. For more info on filters, check out the What are Filters tutorial.
  3. Lastly, you can select "Apply on all Items" which will take your entire catalog of items and export them in CSV format.
  • After you have selected which items you want to export, look for the option labeled “Export as File (Selected Competitors)” and click it.

  • A pop up window will come up allowing you to select which competitors you want to see on the CSV file. 
  • You can also use the Search Box at the top of the window to search for specific competitors you may want to include.

  • WisePricer will then load and send you the CSV file for download. 
  • Note that the CSV will also tell you the total number of competitors you have for each item.



If you find that your UPC's are corrupted, check out our support doc we have on how to fix it. 

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