FTP Integration

You can see the FTP login details below. You can drop the daily input file in the Upload folder and there will be a daily output file (with the new price, and competitors data) in the Download folder.
For the upload, the file name should be "wp_inv_STORE_ID.csv" .The file name cannot be changed, you will overwrite the previous file every upload.
It is very important to note- the column headers in the file must be identical to the ones in the attached sample file. If they are not, the file will not be mapped properly. 
If, in the future, you decide to open more stores under your account, make sure to contact us so we can adjust the settings.



Here is the FTP login:


Port: 2221

Username: Provided upon signup

Password: Provided upon signup



Please ask your dedicated account specialist if you have any questions regarding this set up.

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