Amazon Integration

This tutorial covers how to integrate your Amazon store with WisePricer. 
It is done in two steps: Approving the WisePricer app in Amazon, and linking your WisePricer account to your Amazon store.

1. Approving the application in Amazon

  1. Make sure that your Amazon account can use MWS at this link.

  2. Navigate to


  3. Click on “Sign up For MWS”

  4. Sign in if needed

  5. Select “I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS”

    fill in the fields with:

    1. Application Name = WisePricer MWS Client

    2. Application’s Developer Account Number: 
      For US and Canadian accounts: 4033-6540-6869
      For European accounts: 1095-2194-0739

5. Click “Next”


6. Tick all the checkboxes and click “Next”


7. Print the resulting page for your records and write down the following three items:

1) Seller ID

2) Marketplace ID

3) MWS Auth Token


2. Linking your site in WisePricer to your Amazon store

  1. Navigate to

  2. Login to WisePricer, go to 'Settings' and select the 'My Stores' tab

    1. In the 'Store ID' field, fill in your Merchant ID (from Amazon) 

    2. In the 'Store Key' field, fill in your Marketplace ID (from Amazon)

    3. In the Drop down menu for 'Store Type' select 'Amazon'

    4. Click 'Save'

Congratulations, you are linked to your Amazon store. Try importing your products and repricing them.

**Pro Tip: Note that neither the Cost nor Minimum Price fields will be imported from Amazon to Wiser. These must be uploaded either manually via CSV or an automated FTP.

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