Amazon update: Changes to 'Featured Seller' status

As of October 23rd, 2013 our system detected a major change in Amazon's product listing layout. 
It seems that Amazon is phasing out the 'Featured Seller' status from all listing pages. 
That means, that buyers on Amazon, and WisePricer has no way of distinguishing between Featured and non-Featured merchants. This change has not been rolled out completely, so there might be scenarios where we will still be able to identify if your competitors are Featured or not. 
Important Note: That does not mean that every seller on Amazon can win the BuyBox, Amazon still considers Featured status and only Featured merchants can win the Buy Box. However, it is no longer available to anyone but the Merchant and Amazon to know whether a certain seller can win the BuyBox.
What does that mean for you?
For now, all pricing rules that take into account the sellers status should be retired. Our suggestion is to use the the Win BuyBox rule and apply it to all of your items. So you will reprice based on the BuyBox's price only. 

An example of this rule should look as follows: 
Inline image 1

What are we doing to do in the future? 
We are in the process of analyzing our data from the previous year and over millions of products. We will then apply a close formula that will estimate who is a Featured seller and who is not, based on history, performance, and, other variables. 
Will it be 100% accurate? - no. But it will be a close estimate to allow you to target sellers that are most likely to be Featured and win the BuyBox, and ignore those who are not. 
If you have any questions, or if you need help with your account feel free to submit a ticket and contact us here.
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