How to upload your catalog

In order for WisePricer to start tracking your competitors, we need to have your catalog information in the system.


If you are running any of our out-of-the-box supported platforms (DLINK list of supported carts / Marketplaces) start by following these instructions:


  • Getting integrated with ChannelAdvisor
  • Getting your Magento Store integrated
  • Getting your Amazon Store integrated
  • Getting your eBay store integrated
  • Getting your BigCommerce Store integrated
  • Getting your Volusion store integrated
  • Getting any other webstore integrated


Otherwise, your best bet is to upload a CSV file with your catalog information.


To get started, first have your catalog file ready in a CSV file.

You can download the file template by going to:


  1. WiseBoard > Click the ‘Actions’ menu > Select ‘Upload from File’
  2. Then Click on ‘Download Example File’ from the upload instructions Window:

  3. Make sure you have all the necessary data in the file, for an explanation on all the fields and necessary files please see DLINK:  Mandatory and non-mandatory fields



Once you have the file ready for upload go back to the Upload screen (Step 1)

  1. Click Browse
  2. Select your catalog file
  3. Click ‘Upload’
  4. You will get to the Mapping screen

  5. Make sure everything is mapped correctly
    -note that if you are using the original sample file, everything will be mapped automatically.
  6. IMPORTANT TIP: If you would like to update existing listings, please check the ‘Ignore Empty Fields’ box, if you would like to overwrite all data, with the uploaded data uncheck this box.

    Image 3.3.4

    For example if you would like to only upload Minimum Prices, you can upload a file with two columns: SKU, and Minimum Price.
    Then by checking this box, it will not overwrite anything else.

    However, if you uncheck this box, it will overwrite all other data and will leave you with items that only have SKU and Minimum Price (and nothing else).
  7. Click ‘Continue’
  8. This might take a while (depending on the size of your catalog). When done, you will see the status screen.
    Click ‘Finish’
  9. You’re all set. Once the import is completed, you will receive a notification email.

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