How Are Products Matched?

Transparency is important to us at Wiser. After receiving a few questions regarding our matching process, we have decided to expose what's "under the hood". This should give you, the user, a better understanding of how the matching process works, and what you should expect when uploading your products to WisePricer. When you import your data we ask for at least one of the following for each product: UPC and brand, model number, or MPN and brand. Here’s how we use that data to match.


Three layers of scanning are deployed to ensure a broad coverage of online retailers.

  1. Comparison Shopping Engines - Shoppers that are price savvy will search various comparison shopping engines, sometimes they do so through dedicated browser extensions, or just by searching Google and being referenced automatically to Google Shopping (a comparison search engine). We monitor those CSE's to give you the same data your customers are seeing while making their buying decisions.
  2. Major retailers' sites - Online marketplaces and large retailer sites are constantly scanned. We add more and more retailers to our list as time goes by.
  3. Reverse image recognition - On some products categories we have deployed a mechanism to match your product image with those of your competitors, to get more results. If you upload your product image to WisePricer your results will definitely improve.
  4. We also have a feature called "Visual SpyAgent" for products that don't have sufficient information, such as UPC or MPN/Brand. Using the product title or search terms you select (depending on if the store is a webstore or eBay store respectively), you can visually select and match the products that you would like to compete against. Read our tutorial on the VSA here (for Webstores, and for eBay).

Validating Results - Accuracy
We use different techniques to improve the quality of the matched results. You will rarely see wrong results, and if you do, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll make sure to improve.

  1. Price validation - our algorithms takes into account your own product price in the validation process. When we scan a product and find its price to be incongruent, we filter that result out.
  2. NLP models - we use Natural Language Processing algorithms in the validation process. For example when you set your product category we take into account various words and phrases relevant to that category and look for oddities. If you sell a refurbished ink cartridge for a printer, you'll get results for refurbished, re-manufactured and recycled cartridges.

When Should I Expect Results?
The first time you upload a product to WisePricer, you will see a small clock icon in the 'competitors' column. Your product is immediately placed in our queue to be matched. It should take no more than 24 hours for results to show (but usually a lot less!). When you edit product attributes, we put it in a different queue and that should also be updated within 24 hours.

Why Does It Say 'No Match'?
In a perfect world, all products are easily identifiable. As an online retailer you surely know how far this is from the truth. If you hold the UPC\EAN to your product, that's a gem. It makes the process a lot easier for our bots. If not- Brand, Model, MPN and Amazon's ASIN are mandatory to ensure a good match.

Matching by title only is a tricky one. As our software deals with changing prices we want to make sure your matched results are as accurate as they can be. Merchants name their products in all kinds of different variations, and validating results based on a title alone yields many false positives.

What About 'Missing Data'?
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, we take the matching process seriously. If your product doesn't have the necessary attributes, we will not bring back results. If your data is poor, don't fret! contact us and we'll help you enrich your catalog and fill in the missing data.

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