Channel Advisor Integration

Most Channel Advisor users sell on multiple marketplaces; that is why it is important to setup a WisePricer store for each individual marketplace.

That way, you can have the optimal price on your website, and a different price on your eBay store (which is optimal for the eBay marketplace).

To learn how to create labels, scroll to the bottom of the page. 

To get started:

First click on the WisePricer logo at the top left corner.

1.     Click on the ‘Add a Store’ button

2.     Select Channel Advisor from the left side menu

3.     Fill in your store name 

4.     Select your country and product category

5.     IMPORTANT: Select your account type 

Where it says 'Store ID' - please enter your Profile ID

  Profile ID  -  Should be an 8 digit number, which can be found in your Channel Advisor account. Go to:
My Account > Utilities > Company Setup

If you would like to reprice on eBay, Amazon, or your Webstore please select the proper selection. This will affect the type of rules that will be available for your store (such as targeting Top Rated Listings on eBay, BuyBox or FBA merchants on Amazon etc.)

6.     Click ‘Continue’

Now click on the Settings Menu

7.     Now we will need the field:

·      Account ID  -  Should look like this xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx, which can be found in your Channel Advisor account. Go to:
My Account > Developer Network > Account Authorizations

8.     Paste it in the proper fields in the settings page

9.  Once the integration is complete (after support authorized the request) you will need to map the fields in your Channel Advisor account. 

Go to Settings > ‘Click Map Fields’

11. When selecting the ‘Price’ and ‘Minimum Price’ fields – please make sure to select the right field for the particular marketplace

What Fields Indicate: 

Inventory Number: SKU

Label: If you have certain product categories you wish to discern (clothing, high margin, etc.)

Cost/Min Price: At least one is needed in order to begin repricing.

Import Flag: setting true/false values (0,1) for items that should or should not be imported into a particular Wiser store. (With this method, you can have a subset of products from your CA store go into one Wiser store, and another subset of products within the same CA store to be imported into the other Wiser store).


12. Click ‘Continue’ and you should get a confirmation that the mapping was saved

13. Go back to WiseBoard and click the ‘Import’ Button




     That’s it!


How To Create Import Label

In order to select which products are imported into a Wiser store from Channel Advisor and which aren't, you need to follow the following import flag/label creation process.

1.Click on the “Labels” under the grouping heading

2. Choose a filter to base the label on, or you can create a new filter in “Inventory->All Products”

Next, set the calculation schedule to be daily.

  1. Lastly give the label a name, and put that label name in the Wiser preference called “CA Label Name”

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