WiseBoard is the main screen, where you can manage your inventory, your repricing, and your day-to-day competitor tracking. 

This tutorial will explain the WiseBoard by each area; it is also kind of a top-level overview of the entire system (all commonly used features are accessible from the WiseBoard).

Top Navigation

In the WiseBoard top navigation you can access the following:
On the left side you can find quick access to: 

  • WiseBoard – from everywhere in WisePricer, you can go back to the main WiseBoard screen
  • SpyAgent – See pricing history and a complete breakdown of each individual item in your catalog (Click HERE for the SpyAgent Walk-through)
  • Reports – Reporting section (Enterprise Level)

On the top right side you can find quick access to:

  • Account menu - Logout / Store view
  • Settings – From the settings screen you can edit and create pricing rules (how to setup rules), change your store settings, and enable/disable competitors (how to enable/disable competitors)
  • Help – Access our support center, contact support for help, watch instructional videos, tutorials and more (you’re here) 

Under the top right side you will also find the store navigator and import button:

  • The Store Navigator - Allows you to go from store to store (if you have more than one store / marketplace connected to WisePricer)
  • The Import Button –  This is the small wheel to the right of the store name. If your store / marketplace account is connected to WisePricer, the Import button will update the catalog with the latest information from your store admin

On the left side of the navigation you can see a breakdown of your current catalog state.

  • Eligible for Price Increase / Price Reduction– These are the items for which the new price is different than the current price.
    Note – this is being calculated based on the rules you applied to your items (for an explanation about rules click HERE).
  • Match Rate – You can see how many items WisePricer found competitors for. See list of required fields (HERE) to find out how you can enrich your catalog and increase your match rate.
  • Starred Items – you can star items for quick access. Starred items are treated like a filter (what are filters?) and you can apply rules / make changes to the entire group. 

Pie Overview

On the right side you can see a pie breakdown of your catalog:

  • Optimized Items – An optimized item is an item that currently has the right price according to the rule that is assigned to it. So if Price = New Price the item is Optimized. After repricing an item that is eligible for a price increase/reduction it will become optimized
  • Not Optimized Items – Items for which the new price is different than the current price, or items that we cannot calculate a new price for
  • Flagged Items – Items that are missing mandatory information in order for WisePricer to calculate any prices (see list of required fields

Mid Navigation

In the mid navigation you can find the Search Box, the Filters Menu, the Actions Menu and, the Reprice Menu.

  • Search – You can find products using the quick search box. You also can use quotes ("keyword") to specify an exact phrase
  • Filters – In this menu you can access all filters that you created. You can also edit and create new filters (what are filters?)
  • Actions – From this menu you can apply multiple actions:
    The actions menu has three modes:

o   Apply on selected items: Any action you perform will be applied to the selected items only.

o   Apply on Filtered items: Any action you perform will be applied to the currently filtered items. You can see where you are in the catalog by looking at the mid-left corner. The navigation indicator (breadcrumbs) will show you where you are.

o   Apply on all items: Every action you perform will be applied to all of the items in your catalog.

After you selected which items you would like to apply your actions to, you can select one of the following:

o   Assign Rule: Bulk assign rules.

o   Remove from WisePricer: Remove these items from WisePricer.
Note – this action will not delete the items from your cart.

o   Export as file (top-competitors): Export a CSV file with additional columns containing your top competitor’s prices.

o   Export as file: Export these items to a CSV file.

o   Set Min/Max Prices:  Bulk set the minimum and maximum prices (Min&Max prices)

  • Reprice: The reprice menu has the same three options that the Actions menu has.

    Once selected, you can reprice items in bulk. Repricing will change the price to the ‘New Price’ column and will move your items to the ‘Optimized’ list.

On the left side of the mid navigation you can find the ‘breadcrumbs’. This will show you where you are in the catalog. For example, if you select a certain filter, and then apply an action ‘on filtered items’ it will only be applied to the items under that filter. 

*Non-Competitive Note*: Your repricing rules will never violate your minimum price. If a competitor’s product is offered below your minimum price, you will remain at your minimum until they go above it

The Catalog

Here you can see all the items in your catalog, you can customize the columns by clicking on the ‘Customize Columns’ menu at the bottom of the screen:

Each line represents one item (SKU) in your catalog:

  • Edit - Edit item details by clicking on the Edit button
  • Competitors – View the competitors range, and how many competitors WisePricer found on the competitors tab. Clicking on this will take you to SpyAgent (SpyAgent walk-through)
  • Repricing Rule – Quickly assign a rule to an item from this drop down menu
  • Current Margin – Calculates your current margin (based on cost)
  • New Margin – Calculates your new margin after repricing
  • New Price – This is the new price WisePricer calculated based on the competitors in the market and the rules you assigned. 







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