SpyAgent is your product level breakdown of competitors pricing history, trends and more.

You can access SpyAgent from the top navigation menu:

 Or you can access it straight from the WiseBoard from the 'Competitors' tab:

The SpyAgent screen is divided to show you a pricing history graph, links to the competitor pages, and the option to change pricing rules and see how it will affect the suggested price.

At the top overview you can see the following: 

  • Repricing rule – the rule that is currently applied to the item. You can change the rule to see how it affects the price calculations
  • Current price - the current price of the item
  • Ideal? – Whether or not the item price is optimized. If the current price equals the ideal price, the item is ideally priced.
  • Ideal Price - The suggested price based on the pricing rule that is applied to the item
  • Competitors range – the range of prices your competitors are selling this item for

The next part, is the pricing history graph:


The graph will show you your competitors prices in the past 30 days. Here you can easily detect new sellers in the market, your competitors pricing strategy, and more.

If you’d like to remove certain competitors from the graph, all you have to do is to click their name at the top of the graph:

You also have the option to see the graph with shipping prices included (price + shipping) or to see only the price:

The last part is the Competitors list. Here you can go straight to the product page on your competitor's store, see their shipping, the price difference between you, and if they have the item in stock.

All marketplace sellers will have the name of the marketplace at the beginning of their store name. In addition, when available it will show an icon indicating the seller's level.

An FBA item (fulfilled by Amazon, free shipping to Amazon Prime buyers) will have the FBA icon:

A Top Rated Listing on eBay will have the following icon:

Once you are done reviewing the item, you can always reprice directly from the SpyAgent screen, by clicking the reprice button at the top right corner of the competitors list:

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