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If you would like to create a field that WisePricer does not come with by default, such as a field of “Category” or “Supplier”, you can define your own custom columns in a CSV file that you can upload. To learn how to import or export a CSV file into WisePricer, you can take a look at our CSV Import & Export tutorial. Categories are a special kind of customized field and behave a bit differently from normal custom fields. For more information on custom categories, please check out our Custom Categories tutorial.

There are two types of custom fields, numeric for fields that will only contain numbers (such as bulk price), and string for fields that will contain any type of text (such as category).

Creating a String Custom Field (Text)

  • In your CSV file on the first row of a new column, type in “str_XXXX” exactly as it is, without the quotation marks around it. The XXXX is the name of the custom field you want.
    For example: 'str_category' will generate the column 'category'
  • This lets WisePricer know that this is a custom field specifically designated for text characters ONLY.
  • If your field name has multiple words, be sure to use an underscore in place of a space as WisePricer will not understand a space character. 
    For example: 'str_supplier_name' will generate the column 'supplier name'.
  • After you have designated a column with a “str_XXXX” header, you can input whatever data belongs in that respective column. An example of steps 1 through 3 is detailed in the screenshot below. In this example, XXXX is set to “Country_of_Origin”:

Creating a Custom Field (Numbers)

  • The process for creating a custom field for a numerical value is identical to creating a custom field for text, with one exception. Instead of typing in “str_XXXX” at the head of the column, type in “num_XXXX” without the quotations, where XXXX is the name of the custom field.
  • This lets WisePricer know that this custom field is for numerical values only. As before, if the name of the field is more than one word, be sure to use underscores.
  • A screenshot details the process below. For example use, the field name is set to Customer_Rating.

  • After you have filled out the columns with the appropriate data, you can now upload the CSV file into WisePricer.
  • WisePricer will read the CSV file and display the appropriate column and its data into the WiseBoard
    NOTE: There is no need to map any custom fields in the mapping screen. 

  • If the column does not immediately show up, you may need to ensure that WisePricer is currently displaying the column. Check out our Customize WiseBoard Columns tutorial for help with this.


If the WiseBoard is not currently showing you all of the data you want to see, there is a very useful tool at the bottom of the WiseBoard just below the “Show Rows” drop-down menu called “Customize Columns” circled in red.

Clicking this button will open up a window where you can customize exactly what you want the WiseBoard to show you, and in what order.

Using the Customize Columns Feature

  • To customize your WiseBoard columns, locate and press the button shown in the screenshot above on your WiseBoard.
  • A small pop-up window will appear giving you a list of all possible columns of data to display and a checkbox next to each of the entries.

  • To view a specific column on your WiseBoard, simply check the box with the name of the column you wish to see.
  • To change where the column will show up on the board, you may even click the name of the column in question and drag it to the appropriate place within the pop-up box.
  • If, for instance, you wanted the first column on the WiseBoard to be your current margin column, you would click on “Current Margin”, and drag it to the top left corner of the pop-up window. 

  • There is no limit to the amount of columns that you may have open at a given time, but you may need to scroll the page horizontally to see every column currently being displayed.

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