3 March 2014 Release Notes

Key enhancements for this release include the following:

  • Added quick views for competitors from WiseBoard and for product data from SpyAgent - you can get a breakdown of top 5 sellers for a product by hovering over the price
  • New breakdown view of counters - Moved the breadcrumb tracking bar to the top, the dashboard items (Eligible for Price Increase, Eligible for Price Decrease, X% Matched with Competitors, etc.) will now adjust to whatever filter is currently activated and change accordingly
  • Added Assortment
  • Added WiseMapper - a tool for manufacturers to enforce against MAP violators
  • Added advanced Reprice Rules - you can now select Conversion, Sales Performance, Traffic, Time of Day, or Weighted Average Rules to utilize different metrics for repricing your products on Enterprise level accounts
  • Keyword search support for eBay - you can upload searchable keyword strings for your eBay products via CSV -- check our tutorial here.
  • Added Visual SpyAgent for eBay - see our tutorial here, our tutorial for our webstore version of the Visual SpyAgent can be found here
  • Improved Visual SpyAgent approving flow - you can click "Approve & Next" to go to the next product eligible for the Visual SpyAgent instead of searching for it on the WiseBoard

The WisePricer team.

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