Competitive Landscape

On an enterprise-level account, WisePricer also features the Landscape functionality.

The Landscape functionality allows you to see which of your products are also being sold by the competition. Landscape uses several different tools for both a general view of how many products total you have in common with your competition as well as an in-depth view of which specific brand and items you and your competition are selling and for what price.

Accessing Landscape

  • To access the Landscape feature, sign in to your account and navigate to the Landscape tab at the top of the screen.

  • This will take you to the Landscape tab. The first thing you should do is make sure that the appropriate store is selected from the drop-down menu on the top right, circled in red.
  • You can search for your competitor you’d like to compare products with using the search box also circled in red.
  • Note that the search box has an auto complete feature; the system will recognize what you are typing and bring up a small drop-down list to help speed things along. For the purpose of this tutorial, the competitor is

Using Landscape

  • Once you have chosen a competitor, the information about the products you and your competitor have available will populate on the screen.
  • The venn diagram immediately to the right of the search box is quite useful in determining exactly how many products you and your competitors are both selling.
  • This venn diagram gives you both a graphical and numerical indicator of how many products you and your competition have in common; the more products you have in common, the more the two circles merge.

  • The pie graph to the right of the venn diagram shows the pricing of those items that you and your competitor both are selling.
  • The green portion of the graph represents those items that are priced lower than your competitor.
  • The orange portion represents those items that are priced higher than your competitor.
  • The grey portion represents those items that are of equal price between you and your competitor.

  • Down below, you can compare items based upon the criteria of your choice. Directly below the venn diagram and pie chart you can see a small set of three buttons that read “Filter”, “Brands”, and “Categories”.

By Filter

  • The Filter button allows you to see the items contained in your custom filters.
  • If any of the items in your filters match the items your competitor is selling, they will show up in a graph on the bottom portion of the page.
  • These graphs show how many items within the filter match, and whether or not they are cheaper, more expensive, or match the price your competitor has set for those items.
  • If none of your filters have any items that match your competitor, the graph will simply be empty.

By Brand

  • The brand button allows you to see which brands specifically you and your competitor are both selling.
  • The bar graphs that show up below are very similar to those that show up in the filter option; these graphs will also tell you how many items per brand you are selling and where they are priced with respect to your competitor’s prices.

By Category

  • The category button allows you to see which items in the custom WisePricer categories that you have set up have overlap with your competition in the same way that the filter button does for WisePricer filters.
  • The bar graphs that appear below behave the same way as the Filter and Brand buttons.

  • Note that the bars are color coded identically to the pie chart with regards to items that are cheaper, more expensive, or similarly priced than your competitors.
  • You can click on the color-coded bar graph segments to instantly go to the WiseBoard set to the appropriate filter, brand, or category.


  • Right next to the “Group by” buttons, there are also two buttons to control the layout of the bar graphs.
  • The left selection shows the standard layout, the right selection displays a compact layout suitable for a more expansive list of items.

Search Bar

  • The search bar right next to the Layout Buttons allow you to search for brands within whatever grouping you happen to be in.
  • Even if you group your items by Filter or Category, you can still search for specific brands within these groupings by utilizing the search bar.

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