Exporting Top Competitors Prices

WisePricer not only lets you export your current WiseBoard catalog into a CSV format, but also allows you to select the top competitors you want to see on your CSV file upon export. The CSV file will be exported with the name of the competitor, price, and shipping cost per product of the current top competitors. The top competitors are selected by which competitors are selling the same products as you for the cheapest price.

For help in exporting just your current catalog with no additional competitor information, please see our How to Export a File tutorial. If you want to specifically select which competitors you want to appear on your CSV file, please take a look at our Exporting Selected Competitors tutorial.

Export as File (Top Competitors)

  • To export your catalog into a CSV with your top competitors selected, first navigate to the WiseBoard, locate the “Actions” button and click it. This should bring up a drop-down menu.
  • Be sure to select which of your products you wish to export into a CSV file.
  1. You can select "Apply on Selected Items", which will only export those items you have selected by ticking the check-box on the left.
  2. You can select "Apply on Filtered Items" which will only export those items that are currently filtered by the filter you have selected. For more info on filters, check out the What are Filters tutorial.
  3. Lastly, you can select "Apply on all Items" which will take your entire catalog of items and export them in CSV format.

  • After you have selected which items you want to export, look for the option labeled “Export as File (Top Competitors)” and click it.

  • WisePricer will then load and send you the CSV file for download. The screenshot below details the relevant column in the CSV file.

  • Note that the spreadsheet will also let you know how many competitors you have for each product. It is the last column on the spreadsheet.

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