Visual SpyAgent (eBay)

Sometimes your competitors won’t have the usual data we use to track them with. In the event that a competitor doesn’t have a product that matches cleanly enough with your item, you can use our Visual Spy Agent feature (distinctly different from our regular SpyAgent; you can find information on our regular SpyAgent here) to use our technology to search visually for your product.

The Visual SpyAgent for eBay differs from the Visual SpyAgent for webstores. You can find information on the webstore Visual SpyAgent here.

The Visual SpyAgent (abbreviated as VSA) for eBay is dependent on keyword strings that you provide it. In other words, you upload the search terms you want WisePricer to look for for your eBay store. Everything that contains part of the keyword string (is this the case? any of the keywords or ALL of the keywords?) is going to be pulled from eBay to the VSA and displayed for your viewing and selection.

How to use the Visual SpyAgent for eBay

  • The first thing you need to do before the VSA can pull any products back is to upload a keyword field.
  • When you upload your CSV to WisePricer, be sure to add a custom field in a separate column titled "str_search_keywords" (without the quotes of course).
  • Under this column, for every product that you want keywords for, enter in the keywords you want the VSA to pull back.
  • You can have up to 3 different strings of keywords per product; be sure to separate each keyword string with a comma to let the system know one keyword string has ended and another has begun indicated in the screenshot below (red, blue, green).
  • Be aware that every additional keyword search string will count towards your product quota; that is, every additional keyword string will count towards your total product count accountwide, so you could have one product with three keyword strings taking up 3 of your quota count instead of 1.
  • If you need help with uploading CSV's into WisePricer, check out our import tutorial here

  • After you've uploaded your keywords, in the event that a certain competitor doesn’t have enough traditional data to pull from, you will see a “Pending Approval” clickable link in place of your competitor(s) prices.

  • Once you’ve clicked on the link, you’ll be taken to our Visual SpyAgent page.
  • The Visual SpyAgent searches eBay for your products by the keywords you've uploaded, and brings back any matches that contains your keyword string.
  • Note that the top portion of the screen is identical to the traditional SpyAgent view, displaying the rule the product is assigned, your price for the product, the ideal price and your competitor’s price range (which should be empty if you’re using the VSA to search for products).
  • The product matches show up in the bottom portion of the screen with the image of the product, the title of the product, and the price it is selling for.

  • Note that the VSA for webstores will bring back all products with a similar title; you may get products that have a similar title but that aren’t the product you are looking for.
  • You can now browse through all the products that the VSA has pulled in and select which of these items ARE, in fact, the products you are trying to match with.
  • You can tell visually which of the items that show up match the products you are trying to match with, as well as by looking at their titles.
  • To make selecting products easier for those products with a lot of matches, you can utilize the three white buttons underneath the “Competitor’s Price Range” box.
  1. “Select All” will simply select every product that the VSA pulls back.
  2. “Select None” will deselect any of the products that you have currently selected.
  3. “Invert Selection” will deselect any of the products you have selected, and in turn select any products that you have NOT selected.

  • After you have found and selected your product(s), press the “Approve Selection” button to confirm those products as matches to the product you are selling, and return to the WiseBoard.
  • The “Approve & Next” button approves your current selection for the product you are working with, and moves on to the next product in your catalog that doesn’t have any competitor matches.
  • After you have selected your matches with the product in question, it should now list the competitors you chose on the WiseBoard.
  • Note that it may take some time for the WiseBoard to update the competitors.
  • If you want to go to the normal SpyAgent, there is a toggle you can flip to take you to the normal SpyAgent with pricing data from the past 30 days.

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