05 January 2016 Release Notes

05 January 2016 Release Notes


FBA/FBM for Amazon Competition

When a single competitor is both FBA and FBM on a single listing, this feature allows users to select which to compete with:

You now have the ability to manage how Wiser scrapes competitor data from Amazon - this lets you choose between FBA only, FBM only, lowest price, and lowest price + shipping on SKUs that share an ASIN. Talk to your CS manager to get this implemented.

Select all Competitors in Rule Logic:

You now have the option to select all (and deselect all) when creating a rule that targets select competitors menu within rule creation.

This lets you do things like select all competitors except Amazon.

Adjustments to Predictive Buy Box

We’ve improved the algorithm for our Predictive Buy Box repricing rule to include more variables and react more intelligently to Amazon as a competitor. If you’re interested in this feature, please contact your CS rep today a free 60-day trial.



Compete With Featured Merchant Rule

You now have the ability to  set rules to compete with only the Featured Merchants on Amazon. This allows you to compete with only the most competitive stores



_________________Wiseboard 2.0 ONLY Features_____________________________

New Filters

It is now easier than ever to identify particular pieces of information from within the Wiseboard. You can now search for an individual Competitor, Brand, Repricing Rule, or Category with a single click:

Margin Filter:

With this new feature, you now have the ability to identify products that are above/below a certain margin:



Price Positioning Filter:

Now you have the ability to view products based on their relative pricing in the marketplace. For example, you can identify items’ Current Price or Min Price in relation to that product’s lowest competitor price.


Amazon Buy Box Filters

Our latest Wiseboard releasen now includes more advanced metrics regarding Buy Box ownership:

You can identify products that either do or do not currently own the Buy Box, as well as the Buy Box Ownership % of an individual item(s).

select all SKUs if none are selecteRelease 12/17

New Filter Logic ‘Contains Any: **internal: what is the purpose of this? What new filter/view can be achieved with the ‘contains any’ vs. any of the other filtering options, including adding multiple brands/comps in a new filter?

No Editing ‘Store Price’ on Individaul Product

Based on feedback received from previous Wiseboard reviews, we’ve now implemented an additional failsafe to prevent Price desyncs. Users are now unable to edit the ‘Current Price’ on an individual item basis. This will ensure that Price remains consistent between Wiser and your channel management system:


Amazon Import, get FBA inventory

Now in preferences, under import, you can check box to import inventory levels for FBA SKUs on Amazon. This only works for you FBA stores.

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