CSV Column Headers and Format

Importing Manually: csv's can be manually imported through clicking "Actions" on the WiseBoard


FTP Import: If dropping in the FTP Upload folder be sure to use the naming convention wp_inv_storeID.csv. If you drop a file in the FTP Upload Folder we will begin automatically importing within 1-2 hours.


Quick Tips:

(i) For any field with a dollar amount such as min price, max price, cost, product price, DO NOT include the $ sign.


(ii) Max character length in any cell is 128 characters (so make sure your titles aren't overly long).


(iii) Use quotes " around all the values and no quotes around number figures such as price, shipping, min price, cost, max price, etc. If there are quotes such as the 'inches' symbol " then you can put a backslash in front of the " sign so the file doesn't get corrupted/misaligned.


Partial Uploads: If you just want to import 'sku' and 'cost' then that is fine. Your csv only requires "sku" which is the anchor that we use to establish new products in your store. As long as an imported 'sku' matches with a sku in that is already in the Wiseboard, we will go to update the other columns that are listed in your file.


Be sure to select 'ignore empty fields' which will make sure we don't override other columns, and will only update the columns that are in your existing csv file you import.


Madatory vs Optional Columns and Custom Columns 

Inventory Number/SKU - Imperative. This is the anchor for the way our system works. Each sku is an identifier and all the other information and columns gets filled out according to skus.


Product Name - Title of product


UPC - The most powerful way for us to search for competitor products. (Not needed for Amazon). Hint: This must be a 12, 13, or 14 digit number. Make sure that when you save the file as a .csv that the UPC’s do not become corrupted or go into scientific notation. Make sure the column data format is "Number" in excel and not 'General' when you save the .csv to upload to the system.


Brand - The brand of the manufacturer. We search by the Brand_Model or Brand_MPN and bring back results for competitors that have the same brand and mpn or brand and model. Hint: Since we search sites and comparative shopping engines, as an example, you may want to use "Nike" as the brand and not "Nike Running Company". This way we will best match with the terminology competitors would use.


Model - A model Number. (You need this and/or MPN in place, to be able to search by brand too).


MPN - A Manufacturer part number. (You need this and/or the Model in place, to be able to search by brand too). For finding competitors, at minimum, we require UPC to be filled out, or Brand AND Model, or Brand and MPN to be filled out.


Price - Your current price Shipping - Your current shipping price. (Do not include a $ sign. Just the amount) 


Cost - Your cost of the item. (Do not include a $ sign. Just the amount) 


Minimum Price - The lowest you would be willing to sell this particular item for. A floor price or price guard. (Do not include a $ sign. Just the amount) 


Maximum Price -  The highest price point we would push for this particular sku. (Do not include a $ sign. Just the amount) 


Product URL - The URL to your webstore product page / listing.


ASIN - Only needed if you are selling on Amazon


In Stock - Number of items in stock as a numerical value or just a "yes"/"no". Whichever you prefer. (Although since we are not an inventory management system, the stock isn't really needed).


Image URL - Product image.


Label - You can use words to put your products into categories. This way you can filter your products in the WiseBoard to create product groups. Some clients use "topsellers", "fallseason", or other categorizations.


Condition - This must be exactly listed as "New", "Used", or "Refurbished". Anything else will not be imported. If there is no 'Condition' column, we will just assume "New".


str_search_keywords - If you're using our "Visual Matching" service. We will pull back product images of competitors based on these keywords. We pull back their images and you can manually certify if the products we pull back are actually competitors or not. There can be up to 3 keywords, separated by columns - with no spaces after the columns. Example: baseball bat,louisville slugger,bat


Custom Columns: You can create any column you want to later sort and organize your products in the Wiseboard with filters.

num_NewColumnName - if it will be a numerical value inserted into these columns

str_NewColumnName - if it will be text inserted in these columns


**Necessary Column Headers**: 

1. Inventory Number/SKU

2. Product Name 

3. Price

4. UPC, or Brand + MPN, or Brand + Model 

5. Minimum Price or Cost if you're repricing

6. ASIN (if you're on amazon)


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