Customizing Columns(New)

This article covers how to customize the layout of the columns in your Wiseboard, as well as adding custom columns. 


Customizing Column Layout: 


1. At the top right corner of the Wiseboard, click the "Customize Columns" button.


2. This will prompt the Column view menu to appear 

3. From here: click the boxes next to the columns you want to appear on your Wiseboard.

4. Click+Hold to drag the columns to be arranged in the order you would like them to appear. 


Adding Custom Columns

There are two types of custom fields, string for fields that will contain any type of text (such as category), and numeric for fields that will only contain numbers (such as bulk price).


Creating a String Custom Field (Text)

  • In your CSV file on the first row of a new column, type in “str_XXXX” exactly as it is, without the quotation marks around it. The XXXX is the name of the custom field you want.
    For example: 'str_category' will generate the column 'category'
  • This lets WisePricer know that this is a custom field specifically designated for text characters ONLY.
  • If your field name has multiple words, be sure to use an underscore in place of a space as WisePricer will not understand a space character. 
    For example: 'str_supplier_name' will generate the column 'supplier name'.

Creating a Custom Numeric Field

  • The process for creating a custom field for a numerical value is identical to creating a custom field for text, with one exception. Instead of typing in “str_XXXX” at the head of the column, type in “num_XXXX” without the quotations, where XXXX is the name of the custom field.
  • This lets WisePricer know that this custom field is for numerical values only. As before, if the name of the field is more than one word, be sure to use underscores.

Once you create these fields, upload them to the Wiseboard with SKU+Custom Columns. If you're unsure how to upload files, see this article here: How To Import

After you've uploaded the CSV, you will see the names of your customized columns in the menu mentioned above. 

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