Real-Time Interactive Filtering(New)


Wiser’s new filtering system lets you apply quick filter logic to isolate a set of skus without having to save filters ahead of time. You can access quick filters to find things like competitors, brands, rules, and categories or use custom filter logic to apply any kind of logic you want.

To access your existing filters in the new Wiseboard, click the “Select Filter” button as seen in the image below.

This will give you a drop-down menu of all your filters.

Add a “quick filter” such as filtering on competitor, brand, rule, or category



You also have the ability to add multiple filters such as Brand+Category.


All of the filter-options from Wiseboard 1 are still available in the new Wiseboard.


*Note* when creating a rule filter, the filter only recognizes active SKU’s.


After you’ve created your filter with all the settings you want, click “Save” and give it a name

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