Applying Repricing Rules(New)

This tutorial covers how to apply Repricing Rules with the new Wiseboard. 


Step 1: Click the action button on the top right corner of the the Wiseboard 


Step 2: Select the number of SKU's you'd like to apply the rule to


There's 3 ways you can do this; select individual SKU's, apply to a filter, or "select all"




Select All


Step 3: Go to "Apply Rule" and select the rule you would like to apply. 

Step 4: As an extra fail-safe, you will need to confirm the number of SKU's you're applying the rule to before saving. 


*Note* As a default, the rules are not set to automatically reprice. This is especially important to be aware of if you're looking to reprice actively on Amazon. You can find whether or not the rule is set to automatic by going to:

Settings---> Repricing Rules---> Clicking the rule 

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