New Landscape - Market Price Index

Wiser's new landscape dashboard helps you analyze your pricing competitiveness at the 10,000 foot view with a powerful new metric called market price index (MPI).  This is our proprietary metric to help you benchmark price competitiveness for a given set of skus.

You can drill down into brands, categories, and the various filters you've created in the Wiseboard.


How do I interpret the dashboard?

The heatmap presents cells shaded with green (you're cheaper!) to red (you're more expensive) in order to help you find the skus in your catalog where you have a strong and weak price position versus your competitor. These shades correspond to your MPI at each cell intersection.

The heatmap style dashboard uses MPI to show your price position




Managing Rows

On the left are your rows, which you can customize as product categories, brands, and even your filters. Click on the hamburger on the top left to select and reorder your rows.


Managing Columns

Across the top are your competitors. By default, Wiser gives you the top competitors by SKU overlap. For example, in the image below, we've found the most competitive matches with Jet, then Home Depot, then Overstock.

You can click into the bottom right of each competitor to search and replace an individual competitor. 

The "Lowest Competitor" column to the left of specific competitors displays your price in relation to the lowest price point we found amongst any competitor you have enabled in your store.




Drilling down for more information

Click into each cell to reveal more information on that cross-section of SKUs and competitor. The right panel gives you the breakdown of those SKUs that are cheaper, equal and more expensive versus that competitor. 


Clicking on each color in the donut chart will take you to the Wiseboard for deeper analysis. 


**Landscape version 1 power users!!** - This donut chart drill down is the same green/gray/red bar chart you enjoyed from the original landscape tool.


If you want to explore that entire SKU set, click on the "Mange in Wiseboard" button below. (Pro hint: if you know you want to analyze those SKUs, there's a shortcut to Wiseboard at the top right of each cell)


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